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Which artists do I listen to the most? How has my listening patterns changed over time? Scroll down to reveal the story!

I recently uncovered my Spotify data documenting every song I've listened to for the past two years. Let's dive in.

This figure displays the cumulative time I spent listening to each artist's music. The artists I listen to fall into three tiers.

At the top of the list (with nearly 50 hours each!) are Drake and J. Cole. Personally, my favorite artist is J. Cole and I listen to a lot of the mainstream Drake songs, so this makes sense. No surprises here.

Kanye, Maroon 5, and Post Malone round up tier 2 at about 25 hours a piece. I'm surprised with Post Malone's appearance here—I didn't realize I listened to him that much.

And the rest trail behind below the 20 hour marker (Juice WRLD and Kendrick are close though!). It's worth pointing out that one of these artists is actually a podcast—Hello Internet.

This information is interesting by itself, but this neglects my listening patterns over time. Let's look more into the time dimension.

This shows a cumulative plot of which artists I listened to over time. Hover over each line to see which artist it corresponds to!

Drake and J. Cole have a fairly consistent growth pattern.

Post Malone has a huge growth in late 2019. Why? Hollywood's Bleeding dropped at the start of September—makes perfect sense.

Juice WRLD has a prolific rise after he passes away. Really wish I had listened to his music earlier; turns out his music is 🔥.

Maroon 5 has an insane increase to 25 hours in the matter of a few months. This happened toward the middle of quarantine when I was vibing with Maroon 5 on repeat. The almost vertical line captures just how much I listened to Adam Levine.

And that's it! There's still more interesting information in the data I didn't look at. For example, I chose only to look at the top 25 artists that I've listened to, leaving rich information behind, but that's for another day. You can download your own Spotify history here.